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In this application, two servers are connected over a 10 Gbps network across a campus. The distance limitation of the original multimode fiber used in the initial installation is extended via the iMcV-10G-Converters over single-mode fiber.  

Often a company will rent fiber from a municipal service provider to connect two buildings that are occupied by the same company. Given that the cost of fiber is typically determined by the number of strands leased and distance traveled, it is economically important to minimize the number of fibers used. In this application, the IE-iMcV-MuxDemux/4 is an ideal cost-saving solution that is transferring five different protocols and varying speeds over the same pair of single-mode fiber  

iMcV-DS3/E3-LineTerm is an SNMP manageable module that converts standard thin coax signals (DS3, E3, STS-1) to a single-mode or multi-mode fiber signal, extending the distance of data transmissions over MAN access networks up to 80 km. The iMcV-DS3/E3/STS-LineTerm converter is perfect for service providers and enterprise campus networks utilizing DS3/E3/STS-1 coaxial circuits.  

Populating a iMediaChassis/20 with 20 IE-iMcV-2xLIM modules doubles the number of lines that can be served in an ISP network environment at a lower cost. Additionally, it improves remote management through the use of the FEF and LFPT functions and through DDMI on select SFPs.  

In a typical application, a Customer PABX is provided with up to four E1 lines from the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) over a protected optical link. In addition, the customer location can receive a full bandwidth, 100BaseT Ethernet connection to the Internet from the local Internet Service Provider (ISP) over the same, protected, optical link. In this example, the RS-232 "Console" port of the remote PABX is also carried back to the Host location for remote management of the customer located PABX, using the end-to-end serial RS-232 port on the IE-iMcV-E1-Mux/4.  

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