Whether you need to communicate a few meters or a few miles, or around the globe.

Convert from any of several serial standards to 802.11, Cellular, Proprietary RF, Mash ZigBee network or Bluetooth.

Set up a wireless network or IoT connected to a clued. We have the solutions for you.


IoT and Network Edge Products - The Wzzard Intelligent Sensing Platform

Proprietary modems


Zlinx Wireless Remote I/O Modular

Modular Wireless Modbus modules are flexible enough to fit your application. The new Z-linx wireless product line will provide point to point communication to replace your wire.

Zlinx Wireless Modems

Industrial grade radio, wireless modems transmit serial data up to 20 MILES without costly cabling. These robust radio modems provide long-range data connections. No site license required!

Embedded Dual Band 802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless Modules

Enhanced wireless transmission capabilities to provide a reliable wireless environment for industrial building systems.
802.11 to RS-232, RS-422, RS-485

Wirelessly connect your legacy serial devices with 802.11 to your LAN, eliminating cable installation cost. In addition, reduce installation and setup, while adding remote device monitoring and diagnostics. Ideal for applications requiring COM ports, serial tunneling, TCP socket, or UDP.
802.11 Access Equipment

Wirelessly enable your serial devices using 802.11b-to-serial technology. In hard-to-wire situations, these wireless devices are a great solution to reduce the number of connection cables. Ideal for industrial, building and factory automation, point of sale and kiosk.

Buffered Radio Frequency Modem Interface

Automatic Handshake Control for RF Modems with RS-422/485 Conversion. B&B Buffered RF modems provide hardware handshake control allowing the use of low cost systems without the expense of updating to modems with buffering, or built-in RS-485 interfaces.


Antennas and Accessories

B&B has solutions for Long-range point-to-point or multipoint applications. These accessories are high quality built to handle your rugged needs.

Cellular Data Modems

Transmit Ethernet and serial data via cellular technology. Wireless cellular networks allow remote devices to communicate easily and cost-effectively to a central office through standard TCP/UDP communications.
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