Wzzard - Advantech/B+B Smartworx Battery operated IoT Mesh solution

 The Wzzard platform’s technologies, protocols and hardware work together to reduce the expertise and time 

Wzzard Intelligent Battary operated Edge Nodes, which connect to industry-standard sensors.

SmartMesh IP wireless sensing technology, which enables auto-forming, self-healing, self-sustaining networks that are also highly scalable.

MQTT – a simple messaging transport protocol for M2M/IoT applications over wireless networks. MQTT FAQ 

Spectre Network Gateway which serves as the gateway, connecting equipment and devices to the Internet or Intranet over either wired Ethernet or wireless cellular connections.

Supports IBM Bluemix Claude services integration.

IBM Blumix

Support Gaonic Industrial IOT Cloud Solution service enabling industry 4.0

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Wzzard Applications

The Wzzard Platform provided the ability to gain access to sensor data in many different applications and the Internet of Thing's solutions. The Wzzard system is a market-horizontal platform that enables vertical solutions with addition of specific sensor types. The platform can be customized to support many different industrial remote monitoring applications including:

  • Energy Consumption
  • Condition Based Monitoring
  • Water Level, including irrigation systems, tank level, and flood control
  • Structural Systems Monitoring
  • Perimeter Access Control
  • Agricultural, including silo monitoring
  • Smart Parking Systems
  • Temperature and Environmental Monitoring


SmartMesh IP

B+B chose SmartMesh IP® wireless sensing technology from Linear Technologies Dust Networks. SmartMesh IP is based upon the wireless IEEE 802.15.4e standard and creates full-mesh networks, sometimes referred to as “mesh-to-the-edge” networks. SmartMesh IP networks use a triple-play of wireless mesh technologies—time diversity, frequency diversity, and physical diversity—to assure reliability, resiliency, scalability, power source flexibility, and ease-of-use. Wzzard’s nodes attach automatically, and the SmartMesh IP technology dynamically self-configures to re-form the mesh network. To ensure data always reaches the gateway, nodes will determine their optimal RF paths to other nodes and back to the gateway providing up to five 9’s 99.999% data transmission reliability.  Click for more details




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