A flow sensor is a device for sensing the rate of fluid flow.
Typically a flow sensor is the sensing element used in a flow meter, or flow logger, to record the flow of fluids. As is true for all sensors, absolute accuracy of a measurement requires a functionality for calibration.

There are various kinds of flow sensors and flow meters, including some that have a vein that is pushed by the fluid, and can drive a rotary potentiometer, or similar device.

Other flow sensors are based on sensors which measure the transfer of heat caused by the moving medium. This principle is common for microsensors which measure flow.

Flow meters are related to devices called velocimeters that measure velocity of fluids flowing through them. Laser-based interferometry is often used for indirect measurement of liquids, but for air flow it is often easier to measure the flow directly. Another approach is Doppler-based methods for flow measurement. Hall effect sensors may also be used, on a flapper valve, or vein, to sense the position of the vein, as displaced by fluid flow.

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