Pressure Sensors

Piezoresistive pressure sensors are one of the very-first products of MEMS technology.
These products are widely used in biomedical applications, automotive industry and household appliances.

The sensing material in a piezoresistive pressure sensor is a diaphragm formed on a silicon substrate, which bends with applied pressure. A deformation occurs in the crystal lattice of the diaphragm because of that bending. This deformation causes a change in the band structure of the piezoresistors that are placed on the diaphragm, leading to a change in the resistivity of the material. This change can be an increase or a decrease according to the orientation of the resistors.

SMI - Silicon Microstructures ultra-miniature catheter tip pressure sensor
SMI cooperating with its parent company ELMO, is capable of providing tailor made integrated ASIC design with its pressure sensors for a variety of applications including medical, military, industrial homeland security and others.

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