KSR Electronics supplier Migatron Corp, offer a wide variety of high-quality standard ultrasonic sensors and controllers, as well as design assistance for semi-custom units.

Ultrasonic sensors are based on measuring the properties of sound waves with frequency above the human audible range. They are based on three physical principles: time of flight, the Doppler effect, and the attenuation of sound waves. Ultrasonic sensors are non-intrusive in that they do not require touching their target, and can detect certain clear or shiny targets otherwise obscured to some vision-based sensors. On the other hand, their measurements are very sensitive to temperature and to the angle of the target.

They typically operate by generating a high-frequency pulse of sound, and then receiving and evaluating the properties of the echo pulse.

Three different properties of the received echo pulse may be evaluated, for different sensing purposes. They are:

  • Time of flight (for sensing distance)
  • Doppler shift (for sensing velocity)
  • Amplitude attenuation (for sensing distance, directionality, or attenuation coefficient)

Ultrasonic sensors are used for range of measurements, when difficult environments, challenging reflection surfaces or the need for extreme accuracy render traditional optical sensing devices unsuitable.

  • Tank level control, 
  • web brake
  • proximity detection
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Self-Contained Sensors
where the sensor and the controller are built into the same unit.
Ranges 2 inches to 40 feet. MORE


Intrinsically Safe and Explosion-Proof Sensors
Ultrasonic sensors for use in environments classified as hazardous.
Ranges 4 inches to 18 feet.  MORE
 High Accuracy Sensor
For precision distance measurements ranging from 3”-16” Accuracy = ±0.002” Resolution= ±0.001” MORE
 Remote Sensing Heads
Devices where the sensor is a remote unit connected to the controller by a wire.
Ranges 2 inches to 20 feet.  
 Close Range Sensors
Detect objects within
.5 to 30 inches MORE
 Set Point Controllers
Adjustable set point controllers with your choice of one or four set points.
  Click here for transducers only 
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